Time Tales of Love - Intisar Jewellery

A Princess from the desert came,
And Victory is her name…
Of all her many royal treasures prepared
Love, Positivity and Joy
Were the ones for which she most cared
And though everything seemed fine and dandy,
She wished she had a magical link handy

This link she would use to two worlds connect
The beautiful one on the outside, and the mind’s intricate net
This link it would make you feel beautiful, not just look
It would hold true meaning and not just a pretty hook
Set sail she did, on oceans strange
To find this memento, that with her heart could engage
She searched far and wide, beyond many seas
But never found a thing she thought was worthy to keep

Until one day, an idea she had
Maybe it was not found, because it was something she had to create
She seized the moment, and an amulet was made
It glittered with Love, and hearts happy it did make

From that first amulet, she wanted to create more
Anyone who wanted to be reminded of Love, could just walk through her door
Meaningful Reminders of Love, them she called
Her wish for every woman who wore them was to feel…
So Loving…So Loved.

Next she summoned, the goldsmith’s of Italy, Valenza
Their craftsmanship, her Arabian heritage
A perfect harmony…
A traditional bonanza

A revolving ornament, a crown for her wrist
Every jewel was special, a personal Love piece
And this is how she celebrated life’s many Loves
For meaning, connection and uniqueness are the gifts everyone deserves.