Intisars Salem Ali AlSabah

I have always believed that Love adds meaning to our lives. The simplest things in life take on a deeper meaning if they remind you of a cherished memory, and the most expensive things remain meaningless if they are void of love. This is precisely what I found lacking in jewellery industry; everything I saw while immaculate in its making, design and quality, failed to add meaning to my life. I desired jewellery that not just sat on my skin, but brought me joy every time I looked at it or touched it. The need to find these Meaningful Reminders of Love grew more urgent when I wanted to gift my three daughters jewellery that reminded them of the Love I held for them.

An amulet became two and the next thing I knew INTISARS was born. It is my hope that every time a woman adorns her INTISARS she instantly feels loved. I will consider INTISARS a success, if it helps women feel joyous and beautiful, and reminds them that no matter what happens or where they are, they are both So Loved and So Loving. In the coming pages you will discover the tales behind each of INTISARS’ collections, insights into the culture that inspires our designs. Above and beyond everything else, hidden between the folds of these pages, I hope you find treasures you would love to share…


A Philanthropist, entrepreneur, Author, Columnist And Promoter Of Positive Well-Being, Sheikha Intisar, Is A Princess Of The Royal Alsabah Family Of Kuwait. In 2011, Sheikha Intisar Founded The Lulua Group, A Consortium Of Companies Dedicated To Inspiring People To Lead Better Lives. All Companies Under The Group Work With The Single Focus Of Enriching The Human Experience.

''Intisar Salem Al Ali Alsabah''

Business & Projects in Chronological Order


Established Lulua Publishing, the Arab World’s only publishing house fully dedicated to the personal development genre. The company has so far published numerous books and magazines on well-being and self development, providing readers with inspiring yet practical content that aids personal growth.


Published her first book, The Alchemy of Wisdom. The book features inspirational stories of influential Kuwaitis, who have through their work enriched the country’s history. A tribute to these phenomenal personalities, the book has been very well received both nationally and internationally.


Founded Alnowair, the non-profit arm of Lulua Group to spread positive attitude in Kuwait. To achieve this, Alnowair works at driving social behavioral change through carefully orchestrated programs, campaigns and activities based on the science of positive psychology.


Co-Founded Prismologie with her daughter, Sheikha Fatima AlSabah. Prismologie is a natural mood-enhancing brand that harnesses the transformative power of colours. Inspired by colour therapy, the mother and daughter duo created an array of products for daily use that help

people embrace a renewed and improved state of mind.


Established Lulua Production House, a movie production company that focuses on innovative cinematic material created in Kuwait. Sheikha Intisar believes that art can grow and transform nations, a belief that also led her to establish First Cinema Group, an incubator organisation that provides training, guidance and cinematic opportunities to aspiring Kuwaitis.


Became a member of the Board of Trustees at the Lebanese American University.


Launched INTISARS, a fine jewellery brand that brings together Arabian heritage and Italian Craftsmanship. INTISARS jewellery are Meaningful Reminders of Love; elegant and thoughtful, these mementos express love that has so far only been felt…


Organised the “Women in War” round table in association with International Committee of Red Cross in Kuwait, to spread awareness and garner support for the plight of Arab Women living in war torn regions. The round table addressed issues such a women’s mental and physical health, education and safety.

A passionate person who is constantly looking for a happiness, love and fulfillment in everything she does, Sheikha Intisar believes in using her knowledge, experience and personal discoveries to inspire people to look, feel and do better.