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Is this story true? Perhaps! But so is any other story you can think of. While the origins of Gold and who was the first one discover it are open to debate, the one thing we do know for sure is, Gold is Desired!

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“Jewellery became a part of human life many centuries ago, long before clothing, footwear and household appliances. We have never given it up since then, and perhaps jewellery will never give us up either. “

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Noor al qatami

I never truly understood the power of love until I gave birth to my first born, Faisal. “

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Hessa Mohammed Al-Sabah

I would use the word exquisite to describe my experience in Japan.

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Era of Sustainable Jewellery

The concerns for ethical & sustainable products are nowadays growing rapidly in the jewelry Industry. For brands that want to work ethically, the true challenge is to answer the requests of the consumers and the overall supply chain.

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Time Tales of Love - Intisar Jewellery

A Princess from the desert came,
And Victory is her name…

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