Aqqal Bracelet, Yellow Gold, Half Pavé

Technical Specifications:
18 Karat Yellow Gold
20 Ethically Sourced Diamonds
(0.37 CTS)
Made in Italy.

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Timeless, elegant, and pristine, this Aqqal is made in 18 Karat Yellow Gold which is simply contrasted by a half pavé of exceptional ethically sourced diamonds. Making this an enduringly elegant piece of jewelry.

The Intisars Aqqal Collection takes inspiration from the most important element of an Arab man’s attire the Aqqal – a woolen rope set atop the man’s head as part of his traditional ghetra.

The double spiral bracelet uses the intricate Italian technique of flexible Tubogas combining its striking design with a secret compartment that holds wax perfumed spheres that can be soaked in your loved one’s favorite scent. Reminding you of your loved ones every time you wear it and making this piece into a “timeless tribute of love”. The bracelet is created in a limited series of 50 pieces only, each piece imprinted with its own serial number, making it truly unique.

Each bracelet comes in a lacquer box with a china dish, wooden tweezers, and wax beads, with a description that elaborates the full ritual that turns this beautiful piece into a cherished memento.

This piece like all pieces by Intisars is made with the sole intention of empowering you and enabling you to empower many other women around the world. 50% of all proceeds from your purchase go towards helping women who are facing the atrocities of war. We want you to know that every time you take strength from the many Intisars collections, you share that strength with another woman somewhere in the world.