MeOhMe! Pavé, Indigo Loving Necklace

KWD 1,995.00

Technical Specifications
18 Karat Rose Gold
Gold weight 11.20 gm
around 44 Ethically Sourced Diamonds
(0.204 CTS)
Made in Italy.

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For those who love to live and live to love.

Although this necklace and pendant dangle with pride across your neck, the real spectacle of this piece is not the ethically sourced diamonds that ornament it, but the person who wears it. Close to your heart engraved in beautiful Arabic calligraphy is the word “Loving”, an affirmation for you to remember, or a reminder for the world to know. The message is yours and you are the message.

This piece like all pieces by Intisars is made with the sole intention of empowering you and enabling you to empower many other women around the world. 50% of all proceeds from your purchase go towards helping women who are facing the atrocities of war. We want you to know that every time you take strength from the many Intisars collections, you share that strength with another woman somewhere in the world.