Intisar Foundation

Intisar Foundation is a private initiative founded by Sheikha Intisar AlSabah born from a desire to give females the opportunity to recover from their psychological traumas caused by war, to allow them to rediscover their internal strengths, to grow their resilience and to support them by giving them a new perspective on life.

This UK based charity helps those women affected by armed conflicts with therapies that use different art related therapies as a means for them to help heal their wounds. These therapies include drama psycho-therapy and art psycho-therapy programs.

Our mission is to give them the opportunity for flourishing by placing the psychological support at the heart of the Foundation’s programs, actions and activities.

Empowering those women and allowing them to release their pain will positively impact their families , communities and relationships.

You can support our programs by giving a donation online on and also by buying Intisars Jewellery as a big part of proceeds from sales are being allocated to Intisar Foundation.