Intisars Me Oh Me VIP Necklace Happy Indigo


Technical Specifications:

18 Karat Rose Gold
Gold weight 11.20 gm
around 44 Ethically Sourced Diamonds
(0.204 CTS)
Made in Italy.

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Product Details:
A mantra to be worn, each piece in the Me-oh-Me collection carries a message of empowerment. On every one, a beautifully scripted Arabic word in calligraphy appears like a secret note for the wearer, physically near to the heart or the pulse or the hand, communicating its meaning directly to the skin. The message in gold and vivid enamel, is both visual and tactile. Jewellery becomes a tool to help us, to give us strength, to communicate a mantra of empowerment that leads to a rush of positive energy. It is a mantra in three forms: a feminine signet ring curves with the delicate lines of a woman’s hand, but communicates strength through its marked solidity; a delicate bracelet daintily encircles the gold and enamel keepsake; and a pendant dangles the message for all to see, or to hide while keeping it close to one’s skin Reverse, flip and lock the amulet into place to reveal the message, or hide it behind its opposite side covered with the decorative hearts that are the emblem of INTISARS. Each design is available in a limited series of just 50 pieces.


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