A playful child skipped along a stream in the middle of the forest. She hopped along the shore collecting stones that caught her fancy. Round, Bright, Blue whatever her eyes were attracted to. One day, she found pretty little pellets the colour of the sun, shining up at her, she picked them up and immediately fell in love with them. “Tears of the Sun” she called them And that is how gold was first discovered.

Is this story true? Perhaps! But so is any other story you can think of. While the origins of Gold and who was the first one discover it are open to debate, the one thing we do know for sure is, Gold is Desired!

While the socio-economic importance of Gold is well known, it is this precious metals healing effects that are the most interesting. From being able to cure sore spots on skin, to the being known as a harbinger of prosperity and happiness, Gold’s benefits are multifold. Gold as a metal is said to possess warm energy that brings soothing vibrations to the body. Gold bangles are believed to improve blood circulation while wearing gold earrings comes from the ancient chinese science of acupuncture. Another popular piece of jewellery would be the maangtika often worn by indian brides; the gold ornament is suspended from the parting of the hair and falls on the third eye point or the Ajna Chakra. The gold ornament is believed to help the bride feel calm on this most important of days.

The reason why gold jewellery has been so popular through the ages, from kings, queens and noblemen to the average person, is perhaps because of this purest of metals is considered a phenomenal de-stressor. Not only does it regulate the body’s temperature, which in turn boosts our immunity but it also has an uplifting effect on our mental attitude and emotional state.

From the works of Homer and Iliad to the Spanish explorers searching for the Lost City of Gold, almost every culture in the world has its own set of folklores and beliefs pertaining Gold. Wearing a beautiful gold ornament doesn’t just make you look beautiful, it also helps you feel beautiful.