The Journey Of The Black Desert Chord

A conspicuous black rope or an Arab man’s crown? Flip a page through the region’s history and you know that this simple black desert chord has over time bound the dwellers of Arabia with Love, Respect and Humility.


An AQQAL can most commonly be spotted crowning the ghetra, the traditional headdress for an arab man. Although it may seem like an simple ring holding the headdress in place, its meaning goes much deeper than that.

While there are many different styles and colours to the Aqqal, it is primarily woven from camel hair, and appears prominently in black, brown and white hues. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Aqqal is its weave. The weave can tell you where the man comes from, his social status and wealth.

Originally used by bedouin tribesmen to tie-down their cattle’s legs while milking or grooming the animal, Aqqal, over time has evolved into a symbol of peace, respect and value. Throwing an Aqqal on the floor was a symbol used to call for truce between Arabian tribes, gifting someone an Aqqal meant that they were both valued and important.

In time, dubbed as the ‘Arab Crown’, the Aqqal has also become a symbol of masculinity.

Removing one’s Aqqal and placing it in front of another, might seem like a sign of surrender, but in the truth this simple act runs much deeper. Handing someone else your Aqqal, is like saying that you are humbled by this person and therefore are willing to place your dignity in their hands. This monumental act of faith demands an unequivocal promise from the other person, that they will protect your dignity, honor your trust and reciprocate with respect.

It is precisely these qualities of an Aqqal, that inspired INTISARS for its namesake collection. With INTISARS this black desert chord derives yet another special meaning. From a man’s crown to a women’s precious jewel, this bracelet is a symbol of never ending Love. An unequivocal promise, a reminder that no matter what Love shall be honoured above everything else.