Every piece has you in mind

We believe that quality comes from passion, which is why each piece is carefully crafted by the master jewelers of Valenza, Italy. Each handmade design is unique with an impeccable finish that both honours the piece and the wearer. Quality also means respecting our environment by using ethically sourced diamonds and a sustainable process.

Intisar Foundation's mission is to empower 1 Million Arab Women affected by war

Intisar Foundation was created with the mission to reach out and provide pyschological support to Arab women affected by war through the use pf drama therapy. Drama therapy has at its main focus the intentional use of healing aspects of human drama and theatre.The foundation envisions setting up training centers for drama therapists and aims at training thousands of therapists who will be equipped to reach out and help Arab women affected by war.

Support our Program

You can support our programs by giving a donation online on and also by buying Intisars Jewellery as a big part of proceeds from sales are being allocated to Intisar Foundation.